California: Colusa man convicted of felony workers’ comp fraud

In Yolo County, a 32-year-old Colusa man has been sentenced to a year in jail, five years felony probation, and an $890 fine for workers’ compensation insurance fraud. A private investigator recorded the defendant performing activity and tasks not consistent with his reported injury and his clinical symptoms, according to a county enforcement officer. Daily […]

California: Riverside-area physician faces possible long sentence for fraud

An 86-year-old Riverside, California-area physician who billed insurance companies to resolve non-existent disputes and lied about his license status could face up to 18 years in state prison. Prosecutors say Dr. Benjamin Gould Cox came to the attention of authorities after the California Department of Industrial Relations learned he had been fraudulently billing for “medical-legal […]

Cancer-stricken Texas fireman wins workers’ comp battle

A former fireman for the city of Mission, Texas has become the first kidney cancer survivor in Texas to win a workers’ compensation claim against an insurance company. The Texas Municipal League had contended that he did not develop cancer on the job. KRGV (Rio Grande Valley, Texas) [with video]

Texas surgeon pleads guilty in bribery/kickback scheme

A 53-year-old Fort Worth, Texas bariatric surgeon pleaded guilty last week to federal charges of conspiracy to pay and receive healthcare bribes and kickbacks as well as aiding and abetting commercial bribery, a scheme that forced the closing of the chain of doctor-owned luxury hospitals in North Texas. The bribes, kickbacks and other inducements from […]