New York City correctional officers’ workers’ comp claims soar

Workers’ compensation claims filed by New York City correction officers and other Correction Department employees surged 24 percent in 2017, costing the city $5.3 million in medical expenses and lost wages, according to city records. Labor leaders say it’s because assaults against correction officers have “skyrocketed.” New York Post

Washington: Contractor sentenced for workers’ comp, wage theft

A Maple Valley, Washington contractor and his company must pay back more than $25,000 in unpaid wages in addition to unreported workers’ compensation insurance after an investigation involving the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries. An audit revealed that he had underreported his workers’ compensation payments despite deducting them from employee paychecks. Covington-Maple Valley […]

Minnesota couple charged with workers’ compensation fraud

A 44-year-old Henderson, Minnesota man and his wife are facing felony charges after allegedly forming a company so the man could continue to collect workers’ compensation while he made $123,000 doing contract work digging trenches and doing snow removal for different companies. Mankato Free Press

New Hampshire man sues construction company over mercury exposure

A Manchester, New Hampshire man who claims to be permanently disabled due to mercury poisoning is suing a Connecticut construction company and its foreman for exposing him to the toxic substance at more than 17 times the acceptable level, according to the lawsuit. New Hampshire Business Review