Retired LAPD officer denies faking disability to collect insurance

A 56-year-old retired Los Angeles police officer has pleaded not guilty to allegedly faking a disability to defraud insurers while simultaneously collecting pension benefits. He is accused of receiving disability payments from 2014 to 2016 while employed by the department and engaging in physical activities inconsistent with his claimed work-related injury. Los Angeles Daily News

LAPD chief calls for change to controversial retirement program

At a budget meeting last week, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck acknowledged a need to reform a controversial pension program that pays city police officers and firefighters nearly double at the end of their careers while allowing them to take lengthy injury leaves. According to a Los Angeles Times investigation, the program has cost […]

Football team’s former video-ops employees file discrimination lawsuit

Two former employees of the Detroit Lions have filed a lawsuit against the team and the National Football League claiming they were discriminated against because of their age and race when they were fired earlier this year. One of the firings was retaliation for a workers’ compensation claim, the lawsuit alleges. Detroit News

Kansas Insurance Department closing backlog of workers’ comp cases

The Kansas Workers’ Compensation Fund has closed more than 2,000 unresolved workers’ compensation cases during the past two-and-a-half years, according to the state’s insurance commissioner. In addition to uninsured employer cases, the state’s Workers Compensation Fund has assumed liability over Second Injury Fund cases. Hays Post