Flash: DIR Director Christine Baker Leaves

California’s Department of Industrial Relations is operating under new management. Who is taking over and what’s in store for the agency overseeing California’s workers’ comp system? Get the details here. Workers’ Comp Executive

Mid-Year Workers’ Comp Rate Cut Filing Approved

The need for a mid-year workers’ comp rate cut was too clear to ignore in the industry’s latest data. How deep will the cut be if its ultimately approved by Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones? Get the story here. Workers’ Comp Executive

California: Merced County sting nets 18

Investigators with the Merced County District Attorney’s Office and the Contractors State License Board recently held an undercover operation that resulted in 18 misdemeanor citations to people engaging in contracting work without a contractor’s license, false advertising, and failing to carry workers’ compensation insurance. The Paper (Los Banos, Calif.)

Judge rejects workers comp for paralegal’s softball injury

A Delaware judge last week denied workers’ compensation to a paralegal who injured his Achilles tendon while playing on his law firm’s softball team, on grounds that he was not injured during the course and scope of his work for his employer. The judge said participation was voluntary and there was no evidence that playing […]

Small biz: Three techniques to address addiction in the workplace

Research from the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence shows that 70 percent of the estimated 14.8 million Americans using illegal drugs are employed. Between poor work performance, excessive absences and inconsistent hours, high job turnover, lack of productivity, and an increase in workers’ comp claims and healthcare benefits, employee addiction can hurt your […]