Florida firefighter alleges city fired him because of PTSD claim

A former Orlando fireman has filed a lawsuit against the city, claiming that he was wrongfully terminated after revealing he had post-traumatic stress disorder. The suit details five trips he and his partner made to the Pulse nightclub during the 2016 attack that killed 49, which he said led to his PTSD. The plaintiff was […]

Washington gov signs bill qualifying first responders for workers’ comp for PTSD

Gov. Jay Inslee has signed a bill that will allow Washington first responders who experience job-related post-traumatic stress disorder to file for workers’ compensation. Individuals could only make a workers’ comp claim for PTSD if they had served for 10 years before the condition developed, and a PTSD-related claim would not be allowed if the […]

Mainer admits workers’ comp scheme

The Maine attorney general’s office has announced that a 53-year-old man has pleaded guilty to defrauding Maine Employers’ Mutual Insurance Company out of more than $10,000 relating to a claimed head injury. Surveillance video showed that when he was claiming to be unable to work or drive, he was driving a van for his wine […]