Retired Los Angeles officer accused of workers’ comp fraud

Authorities say a retired Los Angeles police officer has been arrested on suspicion of defrauding the city out of more than $200,000 in workers’ compensation. Investigators charge that he engaged in physical activities inconsistent with the injuries he said he sustained while on the job. U.S. News & World Report

First responders hail passage of Florida PTSD bill

Three Central Florida first responders who were at the Pulse shooting in June 2016 that left 49 dead and injured dozens of others were key in legislation approved that will allow police officers, firefighters and paramedics to apply for workers’ compensation if post-traumatic stress disorder is triggered by seeing something particularly gruesome, such as the […]

Kentucky Senate passes insurance bill

The Kentucky Senate has passed a bill that would change the personal injury protection coverage required in all Kentucky automobile insurance policies. The bill’s sponsor said it would eliminate excessive billing by requiring medical providers to charge the same price as workers’ compensation claims. Ohio County Monitor