Former Sacramento USD employee caught dancing after injury

A former janitorial employee of the Sacramento Unified School District who was caught on camera dancing has pleaded guilty to workers’ compensation fraud. Investigators found that while he was off work with claimed back and leg injuries, he had been working as a dancer at a nightclub. Elk Grove News

‘Why California should be more like Alabama’

“California has a well-earned reputation of being business unfriendly, and according to one analysis has lost over 1,700 companies in the past decade. … Our state’s workers compensation loss adjustment ratio is twice as high as Alabama’s, meaning we are paying more due to litigation and permanent disability claims,” writes Tom Manzo president of Timely […]

LAPD officer pleads not guilty to workers’ comp fraud

A 47-year-old Los Angeles police officer who faces workers’ compensation fraud charges pleaded not guilty last week. The case stems from a medical claim filed in 2015 by the nine-year LAPD veteran, who prosecutors allege engaged in certain physical activities over several months in 2016 and lied under oath in a deposition. mynewsLA

Former Ohio officer to serve 90 days for false report

A 38-year-old former Ohio police officer, who caused a major police response by falsely reporting that he was shot in the line of duty last April, has been sentenced to 90 days in jail on charges that included workers’ compensation fraud. Cochocton Tribune