California: Father and son sentenced for insurance fraud

In Salinas, California, a father and son team who pleaded guilty in connection with a $400,000 insurance fraud case have been sentenced to jail, probation and restitution of more than $380,000. They provided laborers for lettuce growers in Monterey County, California and Yuma, Arizona but did not pay for medical treatment for contracted workers. CrimeVoice

Prosecutor says boss of dead tree-trimmers committed $100K in workers’ comp fraud

An arrest warrant has been requested by Riverside County, California prosecutors for the employer of two men who were fatally electrocuted in March 2016 while pollinating palm trees. Carlos Valencia allegedly deprived the state of $100,000 in workers’ compensation premiums by misrepresenting the risk level of their jobs and more than $35,000 in unreported payroll […]

Former Orlando police officer with PTSD sues department

A 37-year-old former Orlando police officer, who was one of the responders who removed bodies following the 2016 Pulse nightclub massacre, has filed a lawsuit against the department, claiming harassment and an unsafe work environment. The team was inside the club for five straight hours with no relief and did not have eye protection, according […]