Assemblyman wants workers’ comp for California police injured in Las Vegas massacre

In the aftermath of last month’s massacre in Las Vegas, Assemblyman Tom Daly, D-Anaheim, is proposing legislation to require compensation for California police officers who are injured while responding to out-of-state crimes. More than 200 California police officers were attending the music festival when the gunman fired into the crowd, killing 58 people and wounding […]

Unexpected $17M may soften San Diego budget cuts

More than $17 million in excess from last fiscal year could help San Diego avoid a repeat of last spring, when the city had to substantially cut arts funding, eliminate 60 jobs, wipe out a $16 million pension reserve and borrow $14 million from the workers’ compensation reserve. The city’s financial struggles have been blamed […]

Contracting firms should update drug-use policies as more states legalize marijuana

Marijuana has financial and human ramifications, including increased absenteeism, pilferage, accidents, violence, sexual assaults, medical benefits and workers’- and unemployment-comp claims. It also has been attributed to increased turnover, lower morale and major lawsuits. Marijuana laws continue to create confusion, as well. Marijuana at work is not a moral or ethical issue: it is simply […]

Ex-insurance company worker gets federal probation for stealing nearly $22K

A 59-year-old former workers’ compensation claims specialist for Zurich American Insurance Co. has been sentenced to two years on probation for stealing close to $22,000 from the company, starting in 2012. Investigators said she committed the fraud by submitting duplicate claims for a client and then putting the money into her own bank account. PennLive

Medical payments per claim fell in Indiana: WCRI

Medical payments per workers’ compensation claim in Indiana have decreased for the first time in more than 10 years, according to a study by the Workers’ Compensation Research Institute. The WCRI study finds that the decrease, recorded from 2014 to 2015, was the largest of the 18 states evaluated, but was partly offset by growth […]

What to know about financing your workers’ comp case

Even though your employer’s insurance should be able to cover your injuries, this does not mean that the insurance company will readily fulfill your claim. This is why many employees hire a lawyer to help with their situation. Unfortunately, this comes with certain costs. Skyline Newspaper

‘What can I do about an employee who files a workers’ compensation claim?’

These days, it’s much harder to get rid of a problem employee. Workers are more aware of their rights under the law—and they’re more likely to seek the advice of an attorney if they think they’ve been wronged by their employer. The result: A lot of workers getting even by suing their employers for wrongful […]