Orange County event addresses combatting workers’ comp fraud in Southern California

The Workers’ Compensation Action Network and the Employers’ Fraud Task Force recently hosted a town hall event that brought together around one hundred attendees representing law enforcement, employers and other stakeholders to discuss causes of fraud, impacts on employers and injured workers and recently-enacted laws to help prosecute fraudsters. According to the Workers’ Compensation Insurance […]

Former owner of Bay Area flower shop sentenced for fraud

The 60-year-old former owner of a Menlo Park, California flower and gift shop, who pleaded no contest to insurance fraud and unemployment insurance fraud in August, has been sentenced to five years of supervised probation and 90 days in jail. Prosecutors say she paid employees under the table in cash and failed to renew her […]

Tracking down ‘most wanted’ insurance fraud suspects

Insurance investigators in several states including Washington, Florida and Utah are employing “most wanted” lists to target a range of frauds, from submitting false disability claims to faking accidents or injuries to phony contractor repair scams aimed at disaster victims. GCN

State investigating employer of water truck driver killed fighting North Bay wildfires

The private contractor that employed a 38-year-old Missouri man who died after his water-tender truck overturned as he helped firefighters battle a Napa County fire was not providing its employees with workers’ compensation insurance at the time of his death, according to state officials. Firms that contract with Cal Fire for heavy equipment are required […]

Pennsylvania: Intended workers’ comp claim stops at-will firing

Pennsylvania employers can terminate workers for any legal reason or no reason at all, with one exception: if an employee files a workers’ compensation claim. That now includes workers who inform their employer they intend to file workers’ compensation claims based on a workplace injury. Actual filing is not required. Business Management Daily