San Diego sheriff’s deputy accused of back injury scam

A San Diego County sheriff’s deputy who claimed a back injury from lifting five-gallon water bottles faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted of insurance fraud. The six-year department veteran’s scam resulted in an alleged $57,000 worth of losses. CBS 8 (San Diego) [with video]

California: Former San Diego County supervisor qualifies for workers’ comp

Former San Diego County Supervisor Dave Roberts has qualified for workers’ compensation for a repetitive-use injury, which he developed during four years he spent using his computer’s mouse, talking on the phone and other routine office tasks. However, he has agreed to drop a claim for psychological stress from a 2013 encounter with a mentally […]

Citing hearing concerns, Spokane Police to add suppressors to rifles

Rifles carried by Spokane, Washington police will be equipped with suppressors in order to protect officers and civilians from hearing damage, according to the department. Five officers in the police department have filed workers’ compensation claims with the Washington Department of Labor and Industries for hearing loss as a result of gunfire, the agency says. […]

Washington Dept. of L&I charges Spokane-area man with fraud

A 62-year-old Spokane Valley man is accused of wrongfully receiving than more $230,000 in workers’ comp and federal disability benefits, for allegedly operating a bar while claiming he was too injured to work. Spokane Spokesman-Review

Dentistry Q&A: Carpal tunnel

Question: I have an employee who has been vocal about having carpal tunnel syndrome, and she is seeking treatment for it. The employee has not stated that it is work-related, and she hasn’t filed a workers’ compensation claim. What should I do? Do I file a workers’ compensation claim anyway? Dentistry iQ

Innovations in patient-lifting may improve care and reduce injuries to responders

Lifting and transporting patients manually often results in injuries to them and to emergency medical services personnel. Among emergency medical services workers, more than 60 percent of all pre-hospital provider back injuries happen when lifting patients, and the combined costs of workers’ compensation claims, downtime, overtime and early retirement are staggering. Recent innovations in patient […]

D.C. transit agency kept hybrid buses in service despite warning

Washington D.C.’s Metro kept a fleet of hybrid buses in passenger service for two days after a notice from a maintenance superintendent that the buses’ power could cut off without warning. Two passengers suffered minor injuries in a September 28 crash, according to the agency, while the bus driver in a crash on I-395 three […]