California: Petaluma-based organic food company sued for conditions at Oregon plant

Several former employees of Petaluma, California-based Amy’s Kitchen, a producer of organic and vegetarian foods, are suing the company on grounds that it systematically overworked employees and exposed them to unsafe conditions, and also discriminated against non-Latino employees, at its Medford, Oregon-area processing and manufacturing plant. One plaintiff claims he injured his leg unloading a […]

Former USPS employee convicted of fraud

A former postal employee who allegedly lied about not being able to return to work after back surgery was convicted of workers’ compensation fraud late last week. Investigators conducted surveillance and saw her doing physical activities such as feeding horses, lifting hay bales, jogging, clearing land, running chainsaws, building fences, and mowing the lawn. KRTV […]

Louisiana coach resigns following lawsuit over mold exposure

A high school football coach in Mandeville, Louisiana stepped down from his position last week after continuously reporting poor conditions in the school’s field house, including water leaks, paint peeling from walls and unknown toxic substances that he claims are responsible for his health issues. Guy Lecompte has filed a lawsuit and also has a […]

Ohio BWC notches seven fraud convictions in July

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation secured seven fraud convictions in July, which raises the year’s total convictions for BWC’s special investigations department to 90. Sunbury News