California: Redondo woman pleads guilty in workers’ comp fraud case

A 41-year-old Redondo Beach personal assistant to an orthopedic surgeon pleaded guilty last week to participating in a $150 million workers’ compensation insurance fraud scheme that involved billing tens of millions of dollars to insurance companies for fraudulent surgeries, prescription medications, fake MRIs, falsifying medical reports and office visits, prosecutors charge. Daily Breeze

Arena football player asks Florida high court to consider appeal

A former Arena Football League player is seeking workers’ compensation for injuries he suffered while trying to regain a roster spot with a Florida team. The player has appealed the decision of a three-judge appellate panel and asked the Florida Supreme Court review the case. WLRN (Miami)

Former fireman charged with insurance fraud

Georgia officials have charged a 44-year-old former fireman with insurance fraud and making false and misleading statements in order to obtain workers’ compensation for a minor back injury and an allegedly faked knee injury. WTLV (Jacksonville, Fla.)

Disabled Iowa trooper works as security guard

A 48-year-old Iowa trooper who was granted early retirement for mental stress after shooting a suspect during a high-speed chase continues to collect disability benefits while working as a school security guard, according to the Associated Press. He has received a $42,000-annual pension since he was found totally and permanently incapacitated for duty due to […]

Pennsylvania agent charged with fraud

A 41-year-old Scranton, Pennsylvania-area insurance agent faces felony charges for allegedly defrauding or stealing from three clients. One allegation is for allowing a workers’ compensation policy to lapse but continuing to bill the business for the premium. Times-Tribune