Mold found in leased San Bernardino County buildings

According to a San Bernardino County official, concerns of possible mold-related illness by county behavioral health employees have prompted the filing of 21 workers’ compensation claims and the evacuations and inspections of two leased buildings since February. San Bernardino County Sun

String of illegal surf schools discovered in Santa Monica

A recent article published by the Santa Monica Daily Press reveals, though, that many schools and private instructors in Santa Monica are in fact operating illegally. The city is responsible for permitting surf camps, schools, and instructors to ensure safety, but many operators say that the exclusivity of such permits is not being strictly enforced. […]

‘Why nearly half my patients who get hurt on the job don’t report it’

Since Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested a Massachusetts resident who broke his femur falling from a ladder on a jobsite, other workers likely are too fearful to report workplace injuries and other abuses, contends Cambridge, Massachusetts family physician Lara Jirmanus. WBUR (Boston)

West Virginia court denies workers’ comp to work-release inmate

Inmates participating in work-release programs are not technically employees and do not qualify for workers’ compensation, according to the West Virginia Supreme Court, which last week denied benefits to a man whose hand was injured in a wood chipper. Charleston Gazette-Mail

Management advice: Past discipline record beats retaliation claim

These days, it’s much harder to get rid of a problem employee. One good reason to consistently document all disciplinary actions: if an employee with a history of rules violations later engages in protected activity, it will be more difficult for the employee to show that the discipline was retaliation for engaging in such activity. […]

Treatment center operator fined $3M for scheme to defraud FECA

Union Treatment Center, a medical and physical therapy provider, will pay $3 million to settle civil health care and fraud allegations involving a scheme to defraud the Federal Workers’ Compensation Program, a U.S. attorney announced last week. The company allegedly marketed itself to patients covered by the FECA program, including unionized postal workers and civilian […]

Mississippi woman faces eight years for workers’ comp fraud

A 49-year-old Clarksdale, Mississippi woman faces up to three years in prison on a workers’ compensation fraud charge and up to five years on a wire fraud charge, in addition to a maximum of $15,000 in fines. She’s accused of staging a fall and then filing an insurance claim. WJTV (Jackson, Miss.)