California: Company officials charged in electrocution

It was supposed to be a small project to support a local football team, but inattention to detail killed a worker and seriously injured another. Now a Southern California safety professional, his boss and a crew chief face criminal charges in the incident. Find out what happened and how safety professionals and employers can avoid […]

Woman sues employer for disability discrimination

A York County, Pennsylvania woman has sued a regional behavioral health organization on grounds she was effectively fired because her former employer refused to respect her physician-imposed physical restrictions following her work-related injury. PennLive

New York psychiatric center employee arrested for workers’ comp fraud

An employee of the Central New York Psychiatric Center has been charged with falsifying an incident report to fraudulently obtain workers’ compensation. The employee allegedly declared that she was violently attacked by a patient but, according to the New York State inspector general, the employee was the aggressor in the incident. CNYBJ