San Bernardino Islamic terror victims say county falling short on providing treatment

More than a year after terrorists murdered 14 and injured 22 inside a San Bernardino County Christmas party, many of the victims say they feel like forgotten survivors. After the terror attack, many surviving victims were placed into California’s workers’ comp system. As a result, they tell Fox News that for months they have received […]

Former San Diego County supervisor wants workers’ comp for stress, hand injury

Former San Diego County Supervisor Dave Roberts has filed workers’ compensation claims for psychological stress from a threatening incident, and for an overuse-injury to his right hand, wrist and arm and other body parts. In the first claim, the one-term board member said he suffers from psychological health issues from a run-in with a mentally-ill […]

Rhode Island charges two companies with failure to carry workers’ comp

Giovanni Feroce, the former Alex and Ani executive, is being accused by the state of not paying workers’ compensation insurance for two of his companies: Benrus, a watch and “lifestyle” company, and the Providence Sky Chiefs semipro basketball team. The Sky Chiefs didn’t have workers’ compensation when one of its players injured his knee in […]