Former OCSD deputy convicted, sentenced for insurance fraud

A former Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) deputy was convicted and sentenced to six months in Orange County jail and three years informal probation on charges for committing insurance fraud by failing to disclose his true physical abilities and activities to his health care providers. Nicholas Zappas, 36, Laguna Niguel, pleaded guilty to six misdemeanor […]

Oregon: 700 injury claims in January related to ice and snow

Oregonians were slipping, sliding and falling far more often than normal as they dealt with unusually high levels of snow and ice in January. SAIF, an Oregon not-for-profit workers’ compensation insurance company, said Wednesday that they received 700 claims for workers for injuries due to slips, trips and falls on the ice and snow in […]

School workers comp cases can drag through many dollars and years

Metro Atlanta school districts are responsible for more than 2,500 active workers compensation claims, with some going back as far as 1977. They could be anything from paid medical treatment for an incident that occurred while working or where recovery is ongoing and continues to affect a person’s ability to work, according to the district’s […]

Ohioan defrauds workers’ compensation for a decade

An Ohio man deemed permanently and totally disabled was found cashing in on his state injury benefits, while also getting paid to work several other jobs. An anonymous tip led investigators to research a lawn care business he owned. Undercover video reportedly exposed him using a blower with ease, strapping on a tank of weed […]