Firm hired to aid Dec. 2 attack victims

San Bernardino County on Monday hired a firm to help expedite workers’ compensation claims filed by victims of the Dec. 2, 2015 terrorist attack at the Inland Regional Center. The action came amid complaints by dozens of victims that their medical or mental health treatment was delayed or rejected due to bureaucratic red tape. Press-Enterprise

Tips for reviewing workers’ comp for the new year

As we close the books on 2016 and look forward to 2017, now is the perfect time for employers to thoroughly review workers’ compensation policies and procedures. Workplace injuries affect approximately 3.7 million workers per year, at a cost to employers of over $170 billion annually. Upon review, many employers will find that the costs […]

Arkansas’ workers’ comp 3-year limit for claims upheld

If an Arkansan gets sick because of a workplace injury inflicted more than three years before, he or she does not have a right to sue for any workers’ compensation benefits, the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled Thursday in a split opinion. The majority opinion said the court had no choice but to follow the law, […]

New Hampshire: LRGH sues Taylor Community over workers’ comp claim

LRGHealthcare has filed suit against the Taylor Community and the state’s workers’ compensation insurance company for payment of $127,674 for the work-related surgery they performed on a Taylor Community employee. Also included in the suit are the legal group hired by the New Hampshire Employers Insurance Company and Qmedworx Services, the mediation team that worked […]

New York kickboxing instructor admits teaching classes while getting workers’ comp

A Midland Beach, New York man on Monday pleaded guilty to collecting more than $37,000 in workers’ compensation benefits while working as a kickboxing instructor, officials said. The 49-year-old 49, claimed to have been injured while working as a lineman for Verizon and began receiving the benefits based on those injuries, according to an investigation […]