Targeting opioid use when workers get hurt

Some of the most innovative approaches for fighting painkiller addiction among employees come from an unlikely source: the workers-compensation industry. Workplace injury is one of the main reasons doctors prescribe opioids, and dependence has become an expensive problem for those paying workers’ comp claims. Workers’ compensation payers spent $1.54 billion on opioids in 2015, or […]

Ohioan sentenced for stealing mother’s workers’ comp money, using it on drugs

A Cincinnati woman who prosecutors say stole thousands of dollars from her mother’s workers’ compensation benefits for drugs has been sentenced. Investigators started looking at Shawna Jessee, 48, after a Bureau of Workers Compensation claims specialist couldn’t reach Jessee’s mother. Investigators found the mother living at a local nursing home and discovered Jessee had been […]

Q&A: Workers’ compensation and your nursery business

Bill Brandl, director of workers’ compensation claims with Sentry Insurance, has advice for garden centers, greenhouses and nurseries looking into adding or changing a workers’ compensation policy. Nursery Management