When a workers’ comp case turns into a minefield of litigation

The intersection between workers’ compensation law and “traditional” employment statutes presents a new minefield for employers and attorneys to navigate. In recent years, as the number of workers’ compensation cases in Pennsylvania and beyond has trended downward, the number of employment lawsuits ­arising out of workers’ compensation claims has increased. Most frequently, plaintiffs’ attorneys have […]

Appeals court upholds ruling dismissing claims against Nationwide

In Philadelphaia, an appeals court recently determined that breach of contract and bad faith claims against Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company were without merit. According to the ruling, the plaintiffs did not provide clear proof Nationwide improperly handled a claim one of them made in the aftermath of a 2010 land development accident. Penn Record

Illinois: Recent decision addresses what constitutes “incidental to employment”

In Noonan v. Illinois Workers’ Compensation Comm’n, 2016 IL App (1st) 152300WC, the Appellate Court, Workers’ Compensation Commission Division, recently affirmed the Commission’s denial of benefits to an employee who was injured while reaching for a pen at work. The court’s ruling provides guidance to employers when dealing with injuries arising from common or everyday […]

New Jersey: Paterson preparing to borrow $14.48 million for various projects

Paterson, New Jersey Mayor Jose “Joey” Torres’ administration is seeking City Council approval to borrow $14.48 million to pay for sewer repairs, road resurfacing, communications system upgrade, building demolitions, lawsuit settlement, and workers’ compensation claims, according to city records. Paterson Times