At California psychiatric hospitals, epidemic of patients’ assaults on staff goes untreated

California’s network of state psychiatric hospitals is charged with treating people with mental illness who pose a danger to themselves or others, but workers faced with ongoing assaults by patients have struggled to provide a therapeutic environment. In this in-depth account, veteran California journalist Liza Gross reports that injured workers at the five psychiatric hospitals, […]

Hotel workers battle sexual harassment and heavy workloads

Cleaning hotel rooms is a lot of work. It means lifting hundreds of pounds of clean and dirty linens and raising up heavy mattresses dozens of times over the course of a shift. Lifting, bending, scrubbing, dusting, hauling trash, and all the other tasks behind a fresh clean hotel room can take a toll on […]

3 ways to charge for your medical claims billing service

The following excerpt is from Start Your Own Medical Claims Billing Service. “Before you start your medical claims billing service, it’s important to determine how much money you can expect to make. Medical billing services charge their clients by three methods: percentage, per claim and hourly. The percentage basis is generally used by medical insurance […]

Labor lawyers preparing businesses for Zika-related workers’ compensation claims

It’s a scary time to be a business owner whose employees work outdoors in Miami. Since Zika began spreading via local transmission in July, three employees at the Wynwood Yard and one Miami Beach Police officer, among many others, have reportedly tested positive. And, two pregnant firefighters were apparently reassigned in hopes of avoiding Zika-carrying […]

Massachusetts couple charged with workers’ comp fraud

A Fall River, Massachusetts couple has been indicted on charges of attempting to defraud the state’s workers’ compensation system. Officials say they failed to disclose the true nature of the work their contracting company performed between 2009 and 2014 in order to lower their workers’ compensation insurance premiums. The couple allegedly allegedly defrauded two insurance […]