Insurance Department nabs trio for billing fraud

California Department of Insurance investigators an alleged case of medical provider fraud in Riverside County. What was the play this time for accumulating ill-gotten gains? And what action should brokers take on behalf of their clients. WCRG

Applicant attorney suspended, awaits sentencing

The state suspended an applicant attorney’s license to practice in California after he plead guilty to tax fraud. How is this crime of “moral turpitude” related to workers’ compensation? The details are here. WCRG

Santa Barbara: Police officer charged with workers’ comp fraud

Santa Barbara County District Attorney Joyce E. Dudley announced today that Jacob Finerty, 28 years old, of Hesperia, California, pled to four counts of felony workers’ compensation fraud. The officer claimed to have injured his lower back in an on-duty traffic accident. He further claimed that he was unable to perform his usual and customary […]

California: Red Bluff city councilman in custody

A Red Bluff, California city councilman, allegedly caught trying to flee the country after being accused of embezzelment, perjury, grand theft and other felonies by the Tehama County District Attorney’s Office, is now incarcerated in the Tehama County Jail. Tehama County District Attorney Gregg Cohen said the investigation into Suren Patel’s alleged crimes began about […]

Seattle-area couple gets jail time for workers’ comp scam

Officials say a married couple who owned and operated a now defunct foreign-language interpreter service just north of Seattle has been sentenced to jail for a fraudulent billing scheme. The Washington state Department of Labor and Industries said in a news release that 40-year-old Kitzia Huerta-Ward and 44-year-old Philip Ward were each sentenced on one […]

Breaking down SWANA’s new MSW-related fatality study

A new report from the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) documents that 98 fatalities directly related to municipal solid waste (MSW) collection, processing and disposal occurred in the United States in the 12-month period between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016. Waste360

Workers’ comp and company events: Are you covered?

When evaluating workers’ comp claims, the New Jersey courts closely evaluate the location, circumstances, and nature of work events that lead to an injury. There is a distinct difference in the approach to mandatory work activities vs. voluntary work activities. Scenario 1: You are on the company softball team. During the last game, you are […]

Managing the workers’ compensation dental claim

Handling workers’ compensation claims may initially seem foreign to dentists. While it can be a complex process, those injured on the job need a good dentist, and the dentist may gain new patients in the process. Here’s what you need to know. DentistryIQ

Five things you should know about laws regarding wages and safety of workers

An investigation published in the Boston Globe last Sunday on exploitation of immigrant workers in the construction business generated more than 140 comments and e-mails from readers. While opinions range widely on US policies around immigration, there are a number of state and federal laws that make clear an employer’s responsibilities to workers. Boston Globe

Pennsylvania court permits lung injury plaintiff to withdraw petition without prejudice

The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania has affirmed a decision from the Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board, allowing the modification of a workers’ compensation judge’s decision dismissing an individual’s petition with prejudice to dismissing the petition without prejudice. The judge had determined that the employer would be prejudiced if the individual was afforded an opportunity to file […]