Wounded Riverside police officer shares his scars with state legislature to help pass bill

Andrew Tachias, the Riverside police officer who was critically wounded in the February 2013 shooting that killed partner Michael Crain, showed members of the state Legislature’s Assembly Insurance Committee scars from bullet wounds and surgeries, flexed his fingers as much as they would and held out the underside of both arms. Tachias testified at a […]

California: Central Valley man arrested for workers’ comp fraud

Workers’ compensation fraud investigators last week arrested a 32-year-old Visalia, California man for fraud and other labor related crimes. He is charged with insurance fraud, contracting without a license, failing to secure payment of compensation, and demand for excessive down payment in a home improvement contract. Total losses to his insurance company were found to […]

Las Vegas cab driver shot twice on job fighting for workers’ comp

A Las Vegas cab driver survived being shot twice while on the job in February 2015. But a year and a half later, he reportedly only will receive $748 in workers’ compensation because he only suffers 1 percent of permanent disability. KTNV (Las Vegas) [with video]

Illinois: Emergency worker eligible for PTSD benefits

A senior fire official who was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder after the death of a fellow firefighter who perished in the line of duty will receive workers’ comp benefits for the rest of his life, the Illinois Appellate Court has ruled. The court’s ruling reversed previous rulings by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission and […]

Pennsylvania man alleges he was wrongfully terminated from Walmart store

An assistant manager alleges he was wrongfully terminated for requesting workers’ compensation benefits after being injured on the job. According to the complaint, he was subjected to discrimination, disparate treatment and hostile work environment due to his disabilities. After allegedly sustaining a work-related injury in March 2015, he sought workers’ compensation benefits and was shortly […]

Florida taxpayers bilked by insurance scam

An alleged workers’ compensation scam is pushing the limits and landing South Floridians behind bars. The man charged allegedly created a shell corporation that rented workers’ compensation policies to unlicensed, uninsured subcontractors. WPEC (West Palm Beach, Fla.) [with video]

Controlling workers’ compensation costs in the rental business

If your rental business is typical, workers’ compensation costs, or the threat of them, can quickly become a major expense burden. Almost every business in the United States that has employees must deal with the cost of workers’ compensation, so you’re not alone in this potentially damaging liability. However, there are steps you can take […]