New option available for rotator cuff repair

Orthopedic surgeons say about one in four Americans over age 40 deal with a rotator cuff injury, but refuse surgery because of the long rehab process. Now a newly-approved, less invasive procedure is becoming more available. Workers’ comp claims adjuster Richard Owens talks to people with medical needs all day long. But he never dreamed […]

Labor law: Permanent light duty not a required accommodation

Employers are frequently faced with the situation of whether to allow light duty and, if permitted, how long to allow the light-duty arrangement to last. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit recently rendered an important decision regarding how long employers must permit an employee to remain on light duty, holding that light […]

Working with alcoholics

Alcoholism can qualify as a disability and disabled individuals are considered a protected class of employees. Balancing a protected alcoholic individual’s rights and enforcing work rules is not difficult as long as the employer knows the guidelines imposed by the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the Family Medical Leave […]

Oklahoman charged with workers’ comp fraud

A Muskogee, Oklahoma man is charged with one felony count of workers’ compensation fraud, according to a media release from the Oklahoma Attorney General. The 40-year-old man made a workers’ compensation claim after a cart he was pulling up a steep ramp rolled off a platform and injured his shoulder when he tried to stop […]

Washington: Former corrections officer charged with workers’ comp scam

A former corrections officer who was injured on the job is accused of scamming the state workers’ compensation system out of more than $100,000 by working three security jobs in another state while telling Washington officials he was unable to work. Officials said Thursday that a Washington state Department of Labor & Industries investigation caught […]

Workers’ comp fraud: Better watch those falling sprinkler heads

Luckily, they’re pretty rare. But some employees will go to astonishing lengths to fake on-the-job injuries in order to collect workers’ comp. Take the case of Sheyla Veronica White, who worked at Cinque Terre Energy Partners in Florida. White filed a workers’ comp claim for an on-the-job injury she said she sustained when a sprinkler […]

Employee injured on first day eligible for further compensation: Court

A woman who broke an ankle on her first day working at Reser’s can receive compensation for hip and back pain she suffered, the Kansas Court of Appeals ruled Friday, overturning a state board’s decision. The fall fractured two bones in her right ankle, a debilitating injury that required surgery and a year of physical […]