Washington: Tacoma-area man accused of workers’ comp fraud

A 47-year-old Tacoma, Washington-area man accused of working as a home caregiver and RV salesman while getting more than $81,000 in workers’ compensation payments was in court Friday. He reportedly injured his lower back and chest when he fell in an icy parking lot while working at a recreational vehicle company and started collecting workers’ […]

Liberty Mutual accuses back clinic of workers’ comp insurance fraud, demands $17 million

Liberty Mutual Insurance has brought a $17 million fraud lawsuit against a Chicago-based medical practice specializing in neck and back injuries, saying the practice billed for procedures and therapy they did not perform on worker’s comp patients and billed at inflated rates. According to published reports about the practice, Marque Medicos specializes in neck and […]

Enlightened hiring decisions: The value of disabled workers

Given the competitive landscape facing many small business owners, and the strict lending guidelines that make obtaining funding a challenge, the last thing entrepreneurs need is to assume more risk. For this reason, many businesses are wary of hiring disabled workers. Some business owners believe there are a number of inherent risks in hiring disabled […]

Can my employer retaliate against me for filing a workers’ compensation claim?

“This is a question often asked by the workers I represent in New Jersey workers’ compensation claims. In a recent case, Spencer Robinson v. Armadillo Automation, et al, the Appellate Division of the Superior Court addressed this specific issue. The court looked at the situation where an employee, Spencer Robinson, alleged he was fired by […]

New Jersey doctors should be aware of workers’ compensation issues

For any doctors who treat workers’ compensation patients, there are several issues they should be aware of in order to effectively provide treatment to these injured workers in New Jersey. If you are injured at work and getting medical treatment, these issues are crucial for you to understand and discuss with your doctor if necessary. […]