Shasta Linen Settles with Broker

Another broker who sold its client Applied Underwriters’ EquityComp Program has settled the lawsuit filed against it. This is not the first broker to settle and likely won’t be the last. Read about it here. Workers’ Comp Executive

It’s Illegal: Applied Underwriters EquityComp illegal, says Jones

In a decision that he has declared presidential California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones has effectively made Applied Underwriters’ EquityComp Program to be illegal as a matter of law. “This effectively kills the program in California as it exists now,” says Attorney Nick Roxborough. “It won’t surprise me if their certificate is eventually pulled. The Commissioner […]

A Defiant Applied Underwriters Continues On

The controversy continues as Applied Underwriters’ figuratively flips off the Department – you’ll have to read it to believe it. Click here. Workers’ Comp Executive

Feds get serious about false medical claims

About seven years ago, the U.S. Attorney General’s office began working with district court prosecutors to crack down on false medical claims. They are investigated all the time, and settlements have become more common in Oklahoma. Many of the investigations are settled before a complaint is filed. Adam Brooks, the managing editor of The Journal […]

New York: Teacher scores partial court victory in workers’ comp case

A New York state appeals court has partly rescinded a state Workers’ Compensation Board ruling against a former Kingston school district teacher who claimed to be totally disabled while working, according to a decision handed down last week. In 2009, the teacher was arrested for accepting $73,000 in workers’ compensation benefits while she worked at […]

Protect yourself from telecommuters’ workers’ compensation claims

With the increased prevalence of technology, combined with employees’ desire for a more flexible schedule and companies’ goal for less overhead, many employers are now allowing their workers to telecommute or work from home. While telecommuting can provide both a benefit to the employer and the employee, it can also raise issues, especially in the […]