Best-run states are heavily Republican, study finds

The ten most financially sound states in the country are all heavily Republican, while all but one of the ten worst states are heavily Democratic. That’s according to a ranking of states in a new report from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University The report used official government data to measure the states’ ability […]

Southern California doctor facing bribery, insurance fraud charges

Dr. Phong Hung Tran, a Westminster, California-based pain management specialist facing bribery and insurance fraud charges in San Diego County, must stop practicing medicine under a judge’s order, until the outcome of his criminal case. The doctor was indicted in December on more than four dozen charges alleging he paid more than $90,000 to two […]

‘More than your own slice of the pie’

A California pizza shop owner is in big trouble for withholding the government’s piece of the pie. Bay City News reports that this pizza punk was caught not only evading payroll taxes, but also fudging employee numbers to drive down the cost of his required workers’ compensation insurance premium. Watchdog

New York construction company faces fraud charges

New York’s State Inspector General recently announced the arrest of the husband and wife owners of a Gloversville, New York construction company. Investigators say the couple defrauded the workers’ compensation system in their bid on a rehabilitation project sponsored by the City of Amsterdam Industrial Development Agency. WRGB (Albany)

‘Florida work comp lawyers making less than $2.00 an hour!’

“Could you imagine working for $1.53 an hour? Even worse, could you imagine being an attorney who is simply trying to help those who have been injured on the job, and only being awarded $1.53 an hour for your time spent on the case?” Chicago Now