Travelers study aims to decrease workplace injuries, painkiller addiction

A study done by The Travelers Co. found that 30 percent of all workers’ compensation claims filed with the company over the last five years were for injuries that could lead to chronic pain issues. Opioids are often prescribed to treat the injuries, but company officials are hoping a new model could lead to faster […]

A smorgasbord of termination reasons that might be used against you

One of the most frequently asked questions in employment law counseling is “Can I terminate Employee X?” The better and more salient question is “For what reason(s) should I terminate Employee X?” Not all reasons are created equal. There is a perception that the more reasons provided the greater the strength of the employer’s defense. […]

Family celebrates homecoming after five-year workers’ compensation battle

A San Bernardino man paralyzed in a work crash is back home after a five-year battle over workers’ compensation insurance. Family members welcomed Nicolas Mercado, 54, home after years in hospitals and assisted living centers following a December 2011 trucking crash. KNBC (Los Angeles) [with video]

Workers’ comp case reversed over prosecutor’s advances

Tamara McAnally of Vista, California pled guilty along with her husband to charges of workers compensation fraud but was found factually innocent after the prosecutor tried to pursue her romantically. McAnally’s husband, Jon, owned a construction business, and in 2003, the company that provided workers compensation insurance audited the business, according to court documents. The […]

3 keys to managing on-the-job injuries

Do you know what to do if one of your employees gets injured on the job? Does it feel like the decisions from Labor & Industries always work in the favor of the injured employee? The workers’ compensation process in Washington can be confusing and difficult. Having an employee injure them self at work and […]

Jim Porter: Death while on the job results in workers’ comp (opinion)

Carlos Rodas, age 32, worked as a dishwasher at Guido’s Restaurant. Rodas was taking out the garbage at work. He lifted a large rubber trash can, placed it on a flat dolly, then wheeled the trashcan and dolly to a dumpster about 300 feet away. A substantial amount of blood and blood splatter was later […]