Connecticut Supreme Court allows workers’ comp for PTSD

The state Supreme Court has upheld a decision to grant workers’ compensation benefits to a former FedEx employee who suffered a cardiac episode while delivering packages and claims he developed post-traumatic stress disorder as a result. The state’s highest court agreed to take up the case after FedEx challenged a workers’ comp ruling that allowed […]

Medical treatment and light duty issues in workers’ compensation cases

Sometimes, injured workers have questions regarding authorized or unauthorized medical care. N.J.S.A. 34:15-15 of the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Act provides that, “The employer shall furnish to the injured worker such medical, surgical, and other treatment, and hospital service as shall be necessary to cure and relieve the worker of the effects of the injury.” […]

Employee reveals medical condition at disciplinary meeting – now what?

You’re all set to fire an underperforming employee. You sit down for the disciplinary meeting and just as you start discussing her performance problems, she reveals she has back and neck pain due to work-related stress. What do you do? Here are practical steps you can take to handle this all-to-often workplace scenario. National Law […]

Repeat ‘sexual predator’ gets federal prison for fraud

A Greene County, New York man who has managed to avoid lengthy prison sentences despite a history of sex offenses and abduction-related crimes was sentenced to four years and nine months in federal prison Friday for exaggerating the extent of his vision impairment to scam tens of thousands of dollars in workers’ compensation and disability […]

Top 5 workers’ comp drug classes

Workers’ compensation drug spending per worker increased only 2.2 percent last year as a result of utilization decreasing 2.6%, which offset the 4.4 percent increase in average cost per prescription. Express Scripts, the largest pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) in the United States and a manager of workers’ compensation prescriptions in all 50 states, revealed in […]

Litigation: Deposing adjusters without a basis

Talk to any business owner and they will tell you that consumer spending power is down and insurance costs have gone up. According to the FBI Insurance Fraud Division, the estimated cost of insurance fraud that is not health insurance-related is approximately $40 million per year. The impact on the individual consumer is $400 to […]