How to help injured employees return to work

Return-to-work is an easy sell for employers. It can help reduce your workers’ compensation costs. It also promotes productivity by getting experienced workers back on the team as soon as medically reasonable. For a return-to-work program to work, however, your employees must do their part. Get their buy-in by explaining what’s in it for them. […]

‘Could pills pay bills for workers’ comp patients?’

“Wanting to stop a medication but not being able to do so because someone (a corporate insurance entity, in this case) won’t let you is tantamount to forcing you to take pills against your will. If this is somehow legal, I’m astonished,” writes Jay Sochoka, RPh. Pharmacy Times

Prescription drug use down, but prices up for workers’ comp

Injured workers sought out fewer prescription drugs in 2015, but workers’ compensation insurers spent 2.2 percent more on drugs as a result of higher prices. A report by Express Scripts, a benefits manager, found that the average cost of prescription medication for workers comp beneficiaries rose 4.4 percent last year, which more than made up […]

How to detect workers’ comp fraud in your workplace

One out of every four insurance fraud claims in the United States is related to workers’ compensation. Each year employees report personal injuries that happen outside of the job as a workplace-related injury. More often than not, these fraudulent claims usually appear in two forms: a legitimate workplace injury that is then exaggerated for excessive […]