How to deal with employee absences

Imagine this: you open your business for the day, ready to provide products or services to your customers, but your team is one person short – someone has not reported to work. Other team members have to pick up the slack, and you, the business owner, must decide what to do. Business owners in the […]

Black VP can amend lawsuit against Starz

A federal judge gave a senior vice president 30 days to amend multiple retaliation claims against Starz Entertainment for firing him, its only high-level black executive. Keno V. Thomas, the cable network’s senior vice president of sales and affiliate marketing, sued Starz in October last year, claiming it fired him for whistleblowing, refusing to break […]

Massachusetts man indicted on fraud charges

A Wilmington, Massachusetts man has been indicted in connection with allegedly failing to accurately report the nature of his company’s work in order to avoid $120,000 in insurance premiums, the state attorney general has announced. Between 2009 and 2012, he is alleged to have defrauded two insurance companies under three separate insurance policies by describing […]

Juggling workers’ compensation and third party/negligence cases

Most people don’t understand that when you get hurt at work, you not only have the potential for a workers’ compensation claim, but also a third party negligence claim. You might wonder, what exactly is the difference between the two? National Law Review