California workers’ comp overhaul cut medical costs

A 2012 legislative overhaul of compensation for work-related injuries and illnesses appears to have had the desired effect of reducing medical costs, two new independent studies say. A recent spike in medical costs, however, may indicate that the effects of the legislation, Senate Bill 863, are beginning to wear off, according to one of the […]

Employee with PTSD defends workers’ comp benefits

A FedEx worker who suffered a cardiac episode while delivering packages and later developed post-traumatic stress disorder is asking the state Supreme Court to reject his employer’s challenge to his workers’ compensation benefits. Connecticut Law Tribune

Prosecutors allege New York pain doctor filed false workers’ comp claims

Dr. Eugene Gosy’s native Hungary was just one of the stops on a busy travel schedule three years ago. The Buffalo-area neurologist also visited Moscow, Berlin and St. Thomas. The problem, according to federal prosecutors, is that on the same days he was out of town, he was billing the state workers’ compensation system for […]

Employee sues former employer, union claiming he was discharged and attacked

A man is suing his previous employer over claims he was unfairly discharged and allegedly attacked over a workers’ compensation claim. According to the complaint, in a meeting held in response to an injury report he was asked not to file, the man was physically attacked, banished from the union and discharged in retaliation was […]

West Virginia man sues, claiming he was fired because of his diabetes

A West Virginia man is claiming in a lawsuit that his employer unlawfully fired him because of his diabetes. Arnold Meadows Jr. alleges his diabetes had no negative impact on his work performance and that he was unfairly and unlawfully targeted by his supervisors and company for termination because of the workers’ compensation filing. West […]