Fund set up for seventh bridge collapse victim

An assistance account has been set up for another construction worker who was injured last month during the partial collapse of a 91 on-ramp in Corona, California. Injured crew members are receiving workers’ compensation benefits. The assistance accounts provide additional financial support to the workers and their families, who can use the funds at their […]

Sacramento’s minimum wage hike drives costs up for small businesses

The city of Sacramento recently approved a gradual increase in minimum wage to $12.50 by 2020, and with that a raise in the cost of operating small businesses. Jim Relles, owner of Relles Florist in Sacramento, said the effect of the city’s wage raise might mean more challenges not just for small businesses but for […]

Idaho Industrial Commission complaint alleges discrimination

Idaho Legal Aid Services has filed a civil rights violation complaint against the Idaho Industrial Commission alleging the state organization has discriminated against workers in Idaho who have filed workers’ compensation claims and do not speak or write English. The complaint specifies that Latino workers in Pocatello, Blackfoot and Caldwell could not navigate the system […]

Dolan: Communication is key to workers’ compensation

Q: I hurt my back in a work-related accident. My employer won’t let me come back to work unless I am at full duty, but the doctor says I can’t lift more than 15 pounds. Can my job do that? San Francisco Examiner

Illinois Supreme Court: Workers’ Compensation Act bars civil asbestos claim

On November 4, the Illinois Supreme Court released its decision in the much-awaited case of Folta v. Ferro Engineering, 2015 IL 118070, which considered whether an employee can bring an action against an employer outside of the Workers’ Compensation Act and Occupational Diseases Act when the employee’s injury or disease first manifests itself after the […]

Worked to death

Americans hurt at work have a difficult enough time with the state-by-state system when their injury is so obvious and immediate, such as an amputation, that it can’t be blamed on anything but the job. When it comes to chemically induced illnesses and other job-triggered diseases that creep up over time, according to researchers and […]

Five points on MRI variation for workers’ compensation back pain patients

A new study published in Spine examines the geographic variation in the early MRI for acute work-related low back pain. The researchers examined acute, disabling low back cases between the beginning of 2002 and end of 2007 from a large workers’ compensation data source. The researchers identified patients who received MRI within 30 days of […]

Finding non-invasive relief from back pain

For many, the old phrase, “Oh, my aching back,” is a painful reality. Most Americans will face this reality sooner or later, in fact, Duke University Medical Center researchers have found that patients suffering from back pain consume more than $90 billion annually in health-care expenses. And standard treatments like epidural injections, physical therapy and […]