Injured nurse takes aim at Florida workers’ comp law

With the Florida Supreme Court agreeing last month to take up the case, an injured nurse has filed a brief challenging the constitutionality of the state’s workers-compensation insurance system. The brief, filed Monday, contends that changes lawmakers made in 2003 to the system “decimated and eviscerated” benefits for injured workers. It also contends that injured […]

Arm’s useless, but did he bench press 315 lbs?

An Orange County, California Social Services Agency group counselor was scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday for allegedly filing a fraudulent workers’ compensation claim totaling about $30,000. The man was assigned to desk duty such as answering phones as a result of a purported injury, but then claimed he was unable to use his right arm […]

How workers’ comp policies leave women to fend for themselves

Shortly after receiving a diagnosis of Stage 1 breast cancer in 2012, Janice Page of San Diego was surprised when her boss told her that she should file a claim for workers’ compensation—payments from an employer to compensate a worker who suffers a job-related injury. Page, a county sheriff and first responder to chemical fires, […]

Volunteer companies watching case of New York firefighter who collected workers’ comp

A workers compensation case against a volunteer firefighter is being closely watched across the state, both prosecutors and defense attorneys say. The case pits Niagara County, New York prosecutors against a 66-year-old man who collected about $45,000 in workers’ compensation over two years after being injured on the job for a blacktopping company. During that […]