Marina man sentenced for workers’ compensation insurance fraud, tax evasion

A Marina man was sentenced to jail, probation, fines and restitution for workers’ compensation insurance fraud and tax evasion, the Monterey County District Attorney’s office said. Felipe DeJesus Olvera, 45, of Marina, was sentenced on two felony charges of not accurately reporting employee wages in order to obtain a lower workers’ compensation insurance premium, and […]

Protesters march in Salinas decrying workers’ comp law

About 30 people who say workers’ compensation law SB 863 has created a complicated and convoluted system expressed their frustrations in a protest outside the Workers’ Compensation offices in Salinas on Wednesday. Monterey Herald

Japan compensates worker who got cancer after nuke-plant cleanup

A man who developed leukemia after working on a cleanup crew at the ruined Fukushima Daiichi nuclear-power plant has been awarded workers’ compensation by the Japanese government, in what amounts to the first official acknowledgment that exposure to radiation at the disaster site may have caused cancer. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare said […]

For big railroads, a carload of whistleblower complaints

From October 2007 through June 2015, Fed-OSHA figures show that railroad workers filed more than 2,000 retaliation complaints, although the pace has slowed lately. Among the top 10 targets of complaints over the nearly eight-year period, seven were railroads, led by the two largest U.S. railroads, BNSF and Union Pacific. Experts say much of the […]

Opt-out plans let companies work without workers’ comp

NPR and ProPublica obtained nearly 120 opt-out plans used by Texas and Oklahoma companies and analyzed how this alternative to workers’ comp compares with the system it’s replacing. We found widespread differences in benefits among employers, and restrictions and requirements that make it easier for employees to be denied coverage. Capital Public Radio (Sacramento)