Archdiocese of San Francisco can’t duck up-skirt suit

The Archdiocese of San Francisco cannot dismiss accusations that it failed to stop students at a boys school from sharing up-skirt photos of a teacher, a federal judge ruled. The archdiocese claimed that California workers’ compensation law bars the teacher’s emotional distress claims and that the high school is not an employer as defined by […]

Obamacare could shift many hundreds of millions in claims to workers’ comp insurers, especially in California

“Hundreds of millions of dollars” in insurance claims nationally, and possibly far more, could shift from health insurers to workers’ comp carriers due to Obamacare, according to a new study. In California alone, a 3 percent shift of cases involving so-called “soft tissue conditions,” such as non-specific back pain, from group health insurers to workers’ […]

The workers’ comp option

Workers’ compensation can be a costly expenditure. But what if an option existed that has the potential to lower costs, get employees back on the job sooner and still provide the same benefits to injured workers? Safety+Health