When must workers’ comp pay for overdose?

If an employee dies of an accidental prescription drug overdose, you’d think it would be hard for the family to claim workers’ compensation death benefits. But as the California Supreme Court shows, if an employee can claim the injury was work-related, an overdose on the resulting medications could trigger a workers’ comp claim. Business Management […]

Ninth Circuit finds that insurance claims adjusters are exempt administrative employees under California law

Applying California’s administrative exemption test, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit recently concluded an insurance company properly classified its claims adjusters (who handled and processed disability claims) as exempt from the overtime provisions of the California Labor Code, notwithstanding the clerical duties the adjusters performed and their characterization of their work as […]

Marina man pleads no contest to fraud and tax evasion

A Marina man has pleaded no contest to workers’ compensation insurance fraud and tax evasion in Monterey County Superior Court, the Monterey County District Attorney’s office said. Salinas Californian

At one juvenile hall, too few staff has big impact

Across the country, there are efforts to close outdated and dangerous juvenile detention centers. But even in places with so-called model juvenile halls, counties often struggle to meet the minimum standards. A juvenile hall in San Leandro is one such detention center that’s generally well-regarded but faces some major challenges. Overtime for guards is more […]