Workers' Comp Fraud Charges Filed Against CHP Officer, Wife

Following an 18-month investigation, the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Insurance Fraud Unit is prosecuting a California Highway Patrol officer and his wife, a CHP dispatcher, for workers’ compensation fraud. Prosecutors say Daniel Cory Clapp faked the extent of his injuries that resulted from a work-related accident and malingered while collecting workers’ comp. His wife, Jolea Marie Clapp, allegedly corroborated his story.

Daniel Clapp filed a workers’ comp claim in late 2011 stating that he was injured while arresting an intoxicated person. The couple allegedly maintained to the husband’s doctors and his supervisors that he was in too much pain to return to work, even in a modified position. Investigators, however, reported that they observed him driving for extended periods, carrying heavy objects, and bending, stooping and kneeling without obvious discomfort. Their report also notes that his wife would often drive for him while they were in the jurisdiction of his CHP unit, but would switch once they were outside the jurisdiction.

The charges also note that Daniel Clapp collected Labor Code §4800.5 benefits, which are available to sworn members of the CHP. It provides disabled officers with up to one year of tax-free benefits at their full salary in lieu of standard temporary disability payments.

The couple faces five felony counts, including conspiracy. Fraud charges are in excess of $50,000. There is currently no trial date set; the couple face up to five years in prison if convicted on all counts.